People have used medicinal herbs for as long as there has been illness. Hundreds of modern medicine’s most valuable drugs, including aspirin, are derived from common plants used for millennia around the world. As a licensed herbalist, I am versed in the use of the Chinese Medicinal Pharmacopiea — including over 400 herbs — to treat imbalances naturally and effectively.

I use whole herbs to custom-tailor formulas, based on a mixture of centuries-old remedies and modern medicinal testing and standards, to treat, repair and restore. Using whole herbs, rather than isolated active ingredients, brings the complexity and balance inherent in nature to safely adjust and correct imbalances of the body. The use of whole herbs tried and tested over centuries minimizes unwanted side-effects. Nature, coupled with ancient conscientious study, has yielded this gentle, sustainable, and humane approach to treatment.

Customized herbal preparations are available in three different forms, based on preference and lifestyle. Pre-made capsules are available for most common conditions, custom made powders are formulated for travel needs and ease, and the highest-quality custom raw herbal formulas are created for those patients ready to boil their own teas. We will have be able to discuss the benefits of each approach at your appointment so that I can make a recommendation that will work for you.

Ginseng and Ginkgo